iTunes 12 and the Sidebar

Had a few people asking me/ranting about the missing sidebar in iTunes 12. Admittedly it’s hidden away, but you can find it. Here’s how.

Apple seems utterly determined to get rid of the sidebar view of all your music in iTunes. It started with iTunes 10, got worse in 11, and now in the 12 beta it’s properly hard to find. Personally, I much prefer the text based song/sidebar view than the graphic album cover. See here to qualify what I mean - top one is the default view, bottom is the one I prefer.

ScreenCap 2014-09-17 at 19.19.16

ScreenCap 2014-09-17 at 19.19.39

Anyway, it seems in iTunes 12 Apple have made this particularly unintuitive to turn on/view. Fortunately it is there, just what you’d expect it. Have a look here and I’ll show you how to get it back.

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