See the views from different windows all across the world.

What does the internet think
Find out the percentage of positive, negative, and indifferent connotations to any topic spoken about online.

Scale of the Universe 2
Interactive tool exploring the size and scale of things in the universe.

Monitor lightning strikes happening across the planet right now.

Free online editing platform - similar to photoshop.

Airport Wifi Passwords
Wifi passwords from airports and lounges around the world.

Super Cook
Find recipes from popular cooking sites that match your ingredients.

Caffeine Informer
Find the caffeine amounts for over 4,000 food and drink items.

Open Peeps
Hand-drawn illustration library for free use.

Nomad List
The best places to live and work remotely based on a number of living factors.

Wayback Machine
Archive of screenshots showing what any webpage use to look like.

Mount Everest 3D
Interactive 3D map of Mount Everest.

Internet Live Stats
Real-time statistics on internet and social media usage.

City Walks
Virtual walking-tour of cities around the world.

My 90’s TV!
Interactive TV simulator showing different shows, music videos, ads and trailers from the 1990’s.

Massive collection of eBooks