Cannot export from iMovie in 1080p

iMovie was not letting me export a project in 1080p - I could only select 720p.

I ran in to an odd issue with iMovie - it wouldn't let me export the project to a file at 1080p, it would only let me select 720p or 540p. This was a bit odd - I checked all the source footage and it was all at least 1080p? Anyway, there's a simple way to fix, and it involves:

  • Select all of your project footage with CMD+A, and then copy it with CMD+C.
  • Create a new project, and insert any photo in there - it has to be at least 1920x1080, so any decent resolution photo.
  • Paste in your project data with CMD+V.
  • Delete the photo you inserted….
  • …and you can now export in 1080.

Bit weird, but like I say, quite simple to fix. The video below shows a run through on how to do it.

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