RapidWeaver - Wrong images in posts

Rapidweaver keeps putting the wrong images in posts…Infuriating.

I use
RapidWeaver for various things, and I seemed to be having loads of problems inserting images into web pages. Essentially the wrong images would show up, or I’d get a placeholder saying ‘pasted image’ or the like. Properly annoying.

I tried dragging/dropping the files in, instead of pasting, but it just seems to be utterly random.

Anyways, I’ve been sorting out my screenshots as I’ve ended up with them all over the place, and in the wrong format - in doing so, I seem to have inadvertently fixed the issue with RapidWeaver. So what have I done? Well, I think the issue may be related to the
format of the pasted images into RapidWeaver. So by changing the format to JPG I seem to have sorted out the issue? You can read how to change the format of the screen shows at the following blog:

Change the format of OSX Screenshots

I’ll report back if it doesn’t work…but here’s hoping!
NOTE: I still get the issue if I *paste* in the image, but if I drag in and drop the cut screen shot (CMD+SHIFT+4) then it seems to work OK?

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