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Blog outlining some of my favourite plug-ins for Microsoft Lync.

I’m a bit fan of Microsoft’s
Lync platform. Anybody who’s spent more than a few minutes on my blog should see that. It’s a great platform to speed up the way you work, and for providing for a fully flexible ‘work from anywhere’ communications platform.

There’s quite a few plug-ins out there for the Lync client that I find useful, so I thought I’d share them. I’ll build up this page as and when I come across any new ones.

Language Translator
This one can be very useful if you have to communicate with people using differing languages. The plug-in converts conversation on the fly using Bing. I’ve found it for the most part very effective - to be fair some translations can be a little odd but if works for the most part. You can view this little plug-in here:

Conversation Translator

...and here you can view the
Getting Started guide.

Tabbed Conversations
This one is only really relevant to Lync 2010 client users given that this feature is native in the Lync 2013 client. Handy plug-in that allows you to maintain all of your conversations in tabs rather than separate windows. You can see/download the plug-in below.

Tabbed Conversations

Lync Select Dial
Probably one of my faves and most useful. This little plug-in enables you to select numbers and dial them by hitting F8 (Lync 2010) or F9 (Lync 2013). Very handy.

Lync Select Dial

I’ll keep this page updated with info as and when I come across any good ones. There’s also the
library over at Microsoft that you can browse to see what’s available.
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