Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

A list of the more common Windows 8 shortcut keys.

I’m feeling helpful today, so here’s a quick summary of Windows 8 shortcut keys that you’ll find useful. Personally, I always tend to try and work with the keyboard rather than swapping to the mouse, so knowing these keys speeds up my work-flow.

Some of the more common favorite ones I use are detailed below.

Windows Key
When I say WK+ I mean hit the Windows Key PLUS whatever the following is. So for example hitting the Windows key on its own brings up the Start screen.

If you’re on a Mac and using Parallels/Fusion, then the equivalent Windows key will be the CMD key or possibly fn+CMD depending on how you have your virtual machine set up. Some of the more useful ones are listed below. For a real comprehensive list, please see here.

WK + C
This opens the charms bar to the right of the screen and offers up contextual options depending on your application.

WK + M
This minimises all of your Windows.

This restores all of the Windows you previously minimised.

WK + Q
This starts the search for Apps functionality - an odd choice I think!

WK + W
This opens the search settings.

WK + F
This opens the search for files window.

WK + Numeric Keys
This is a particular fave - this opens an application on your taskbar. 1 being the app to the left etc. Very useful!

WK + T
You can cycle through the available applications on your taskbar with this.

WK + X
This opens the tools menu.

More complete list below:

WK + spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout
WK + O Locks device orientation
WK + Y Temporarily peeks at the desktop
WK + V Cycles through toasts
WK + Shift+V Cycles through toasts in reverse order
WK + Enter Launches Narrator
WK + PgUp Moves Metro style apps to the monitor on the left
WK + PgDown Moves Metro style apps to the monitor on the right
WK + Shift+. Moves the gutter to the left (snaps an application)
WK + . Moves the gutter to the right (snaps an application)
WK + C Opens Charms bar
WK + I Opens Settings charm
WK + K Opens Connect charm
WK + H Opens Share charm
WK + Q Opens Search pane
WK + W Opens Settings Search app
WK + F Opens File Search app
WK + Tab Cycles through Metro style apps
WK + Shift+Tab Cycles through Metro style apps in reverse order
WK + Ctrl+Tab Cycles through Metro style apps and snaps them as they are cycled
WK + Z Opens App Bar
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