Windows 10 - Profile is Grey

Messing around with one of my Windows 10 VMs earlier, and the profile seemed to lose its colour and go grey/gray. Here's how to fix.

I was using one of my Windows 10 Virtual Machines earlier and the profile lost all of its colour. It went grey (or gray…Which to use?!). It looked like this:


…instead of:


Just a bit strange I thought. Anyway, after some digging around it turns out Windows 10 has a set of colour filters to assist people who struggle to see certain colours. Somehow I'd managed to turn it on.

It's simple to toggle - simply use Windows Key+ctrl+c and it'll toggle between the two.

You can also get to it through the Control Panel - go to 'Ease of Access' and you'll see it in there under 'Color Filters'. Well you learn something new every day, don't you?

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