Enabling PIN Login on Windows 8/8.1

How can you allow PIN logon on a Windows 8/8.1 machine when it’s in the AD Domain?

A lot of people I know have started using Windows tablets of one sort or another - and a question that keeps cropping is why when their machines are members of the domain can they not use the PIN login method?

By default on the domain this feature is turned off.

As a side note, it’s interesting the resistance you can run in to enabling the PIN login method....It’s INSECURE shout/rant etc. It may be insecure - but it’s interesting that the same people who shout & moan about this don’t moan about 4 pin locks for people’s phones & iPads, and they arguably can contain very similar data-sets?

Anyways, where is the Group Policy setting? Under the Computer Policy, go to Administrative Templates\System\Logon.

Under there you should see the option for ‘Turn on PIN Sign-In’.

If you open the local group policy editor you can see it here:

2014-11-21 GPO

You can also set it directly in the registry at this path (for example if your edition of Windows doesn’t have the Group Policy editor in it):

HKML\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System AllowDomainPINLogon REG_DWORD

Set it to 1 to enable, 0 to disable.

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