Why do I like Windows 8 so much?

Why do I like Windows 8 so much? Some thoughts on that thing that’s called Windows 8.

Following my
rage-full experience with the latest Windows 8 Pro Tablet, I had some time to think about why I like Windows 8. I do like it - it’s fast, and works well, and does everything I want. I can’t stand it on a tablet however - it simply doesn’t work as a thing. Or rather, it does basically work, but it’s a frustrating experience.

This had me thinking - why do I like Windows 8? It then occurred to me that it’s not that I
like Windows 8 so much it’s more that I don’t dislike it. It’s like a faster version of Windows 7, with some minor tweaks. Sure, the Metro (Ok, non-metro, you know what I mean) is intrusive - certainly nothing more intrusive on my dual 27” screen set up anyway - but everything else is quick, and it just works.

Here’s the thing though - I think the reason I like it is due to the way I use my machine, and not really down to Windows 8’s new features. I like it in spite of itself, not
because of it. I’ll explain some more.

I’m the kind of user that works & performs through search, and from pinned common documents. So, if I want a specific app, I hit the Windows key, and start typing the name of what I’m looking for. Exactly the same in Windows 7 or Windows 8 - from a results perspective. Sure, in Windows 8 you get the LOUD MENU IN YOUR FACE while you’re doing it, but I can ignore that.

Pinned docs on Task-bar icons work in the same way too.

So what we have is an OS that I use the same as Windows 7, and is a bit faster. No wonder I like it. Put it on something that it’s been tweaked for though - like a Windows 8 tablet - and I can’t stand it. It’s frustrating and a master of none of the environments it’s designed for.

What I worked out today then was that I like Windows 8 because it works like Windows 7 in pretty much any environment I use it in, only a bit quicker. In fact, I have a laptop at home that’s one of the HP TouchPads designed for Windows XP touch (I think). Remember when that was launched all the way back in 2001?

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The real odd thing is that that HP unit, running Windows 7, and with some touch facilities via a pen, is a lot easier to use and less frustrating than Windows 8 on a ‘proper’ touch device. Go figure. That’s hardly progress is it?

Microsoft of course has been
defending its position on Windows 8 - exactly like it did with Vista. Hopefully they’ll make it right in the end.

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