Windows 8 Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel - Gone

How do I get my touch keyboard icon back in my task bar?


This has been driving me to distraction today - and yet there’s
such an obvious solution. I have a HP Elitepad Windows 8 Pro Tablet - when you set it up, it automatically shows the touch keyboard in the task bar, like this:


When you set up new users though, it’s gone. Not having the keyboard available on the tablet is a bit painful. You can get access to it by swiping in from the right edge, and selecting settings….but that sucks too.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to work out how to get it back on the task bar again - and yet the answer is absolutely obvious! Right-click on the task bar, select the ‘Toolbars’ tab, and make sure ‘Touch Keyboard’ is ticked.

It sounds intuitive, but if it was why has it taken me so long to work it out? Must be too tired to brain today. I’ll write up & video my review of the Windows 8 Pro Tablet soon - I’ve been trying to love it, honest.

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