iOS 9 & WiFi Assist

You should be a little wary of iOS 9's WiFi Assist…

The new iOS 9 has a rather cool new feature called WiFi Assist. It's there to provide you with Internet connectivity via your mobile carrier plan when your WiFi is weak or not working. Now, there's danger in this.

Imagine you're connected to your work's wifi and for some reason it won't let you get to the Internet through that work's WiFi. WiFi Assist will instead think - aha! I'm being helpful - I will step in and route over your data plan instead!

Your Internet connection works, you're none the wiser…until you either see your mobile bill and you've been billed for a ton of data, or if you're on a capped connection you see that you've accidentally run out of data.

I've seen this cropping up
a lot over the last week or so. For me it's a great feature, but then I've tons of data in my plan and rarely get near its capacity. For others with smaller plans, it can consume all your data faster than you've said "sure, let's watch all those hi-def videos and download all that stuff".

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to switch off. To do it, go in to settings, and then select Cellular. Under there - right down the bottom past all your apps - is a setting called 'WiFi Assist'. Turn it off.

You're welcome.

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