Running Terminal as a Different User

How do you use Terminal as another user?

It’s generally considered best-practice on any operating system to ensure your normal day to day account does not have Administrative rights. On my machine for example, I have my normal user account, and I have an Admin account. Whenever I need administrative rights, I use my elevated account.

In OSX this can lead to issues in Terminal. By way of example, if I want to
change my safe sleep mode, I have to use a SUDO command - but it doesn’t work as my account isn’t in the SUDO list:


Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to sort in Terminal - you can use the ‘su’ command to switch users. So for example if I want to switch to my administrator account I could use the command:

su -

...and then I can use sudo as normal. For example:


Anyway, quick an easy.

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