Parallels Desktop 9.0 - Pauses & USB Connections/Disconnections

Issue with random pauses, and also USB devices randomly disconnecting & connecting.

UPDATE: The latest update to Parallels Desktop 9 seems to have fixed this for me, so make sure you check for updates on your client.

Another issue with Parallels Desktop 9.0 - this one possibly more of an issue. I experienced and issue where my Windows 8 machine was randomly pausing. Not for any massive length of time, but long enough to be irritating. Also, I noticed a number of USB devices were randomly disconnecting and then connecting again - it appeared to be predominantly devices in the ‘Human Interface’ section of Device Manager.

A way to temporarily fix the issue is to add the following to the Boot Flags option of a guest machine. Configure your virtual machine, and go to the ‘boot order’ tab. Enter ‘devices.usb.ehc=0’ into the boot flags windows like I’ve done below:


On my machine at least, this put a stop to the USB badness, and the random pauses. Video below shows a run through.

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