Odd Apple IOS Bug

Here’s an odd little IOS Bug…about Obama.

Well here’s a little oddity - if you text a certain sentence then IOS removes one of the words. What’s the sentence?

‘I could be the next obama ‘

Note the extra space on the end. So what does it look like? Well, first, type out the sentence and make sure that you put a space on the end, not a full stop:


Then, when you send it, have a look at the message history:


It removes the Obama for you. How weird is that? Happens on my iPhone on 6.1.3, but not on my iPad Mini, or on iMessage on OSX.

It’s not a massive problem - just a curiosity. After all, I’m not likely to be the next Obama. It turns out there’s a few phrases out there that the system does this with - apparently it’s based on the character width. The word does get
sent but it’s on a second line which for an oddity of the spacing doesn’t actually get shown.

Or Apple has something against Obama. You decide.

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