Use AppleTV 4 Screensavers on OSX

The AppleTV has some very cool live screen savers with feeds from various cities around the world - here's how to get them on OSX.

Somebody sent me this earlier today, so I thought I'd share. The AppleTV 4 (the new one as at 27 December, 2015) has some very cool active stream screensaver. If you want to have a look at what I'm talking about, have a look here:

Watch All The Apple TV Aerial Video Screensavers

Anyway, there's a simple way to get them on OSX -
you can download them here.

This will download a ZIP file called Aerial.ZIP. Unzip it, and you'll be left with a Aerial.Saver file. On OSX, double click on it and you'll be asked to install it for yourself or all users - select which one you want. You'll probably be asked to authenticate to auth it's install, but once you've done that it'll be installed for you.

Now, bear in mind these are live-streamers so they will require download capacity - if you're on a capped internet connection you may not want this? I've not looked at how much data they download either - I can't imagine it'll be a massive amount. Any feedback on that welcome.

Thought you may like it anyway - I think it's very cool.

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