OSX 10.9 Mavericks and TRIM

How to check to make sure TRIM is still turned on.

So, OSX 10.9 is free - how cool is that? It’s hardly as unprecedented as a lot of the press is running away with - isn’t Windows 8.1 free too for people who already own Windows 8? Hmmm. I embrace the free-ness of course, but it’s not a big a game changer as some people seem to be saying I don’t think? Maybe it’s just cos I’m in the Industry that I think this way...

Anyways, a few people are reporting that after updating to Mavericks TRIM is being disabled on the their SSDs - even in their iMac’s with Apple issued SSDs. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to check - the video below shows you how.

Also, if TRIM is turned off it’s fairly easy to turn it on again too. There’s a great little application I’ve been using for quite a while to turn on TRIM for third party SSDs - you can get that here:

TRIM Enable v3.0

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