MacOS High Sierra - Another Security Bug

Yet another security issue with MacOS High Sierra - let's have a quick look at it.

So there's been yet another security issue with MacOS High Sierra highlighted - the fact that you can authenticate to the App Store preference pane with any old password. Combine this with the recent one where you could authenticate to any MacOS machine with no password on a root user…well, it's enough to make anyone a little concerned isn't it?

You can read about them here:

macOS High Sierra's App Store System Preferences Can Be Unlocked With Any Password
Major macOS High Sierra Bug Allows Full Admin Access Without Password

I find it interesting that people think MacOS is so, so secure against the competition (Yes Windows, I'm looking at you). Really, is it? I'm not convinced. I think it's probably reasonable to say that MacOS users are at less risk than their Windows counterparts (security by obscurity and all that), but I don't think it's inherently more secure. If this latest bug doesn't convince you of that I'm not sure what else will.

It's the same with Anti-Virus/Malware in my opinion. Wrote about that previously:

I don't need Anti-Virus on my Mac...Right?

Aaaanyway, sure I'll now get to be told just how wrong I am? The joy of the Internets.

Video below shows the exposure:

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