Microsoft Money (MSmoney)

Microsoft Money and Windows 10

Everyone now seems to be on the Good Ship Windows 10 - which is great. I’ve been using the Preview for a while and it’s a brilliant improvement on Windows 8.1... Apart from
Microsoft Money (msMoney) not working due to this error:


Money requires Internet Explorer 6 to function properly.

I love MSMoney as a banking app. The reports are great, and it’s easy to use. It’s been deprecated now for a number of years (last sold in 2009), with the last release being what’s known as the Sunset Edition. You can still download it today, here:

Money Plus Sunset Deluxe

Anyways, after doing some digging I can see where Money is looking for the Explorer version. Changing this value to an earlier edition seems to allow Money to work, and so far I’ve not seen any adverse affects. In reality changing it back to the ‘proper’ setting is easy anyways - so I don’t think it’s a high risk change? Anyways, if you want to get money working 10, find this registry key:

HKLM\Sotware\WoW642Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Version

Change ‘Version’ from:




...and Money will now work.

Saves me having to have a separate VM running Win 7 or 8 specifically just for MSMoney. Of course, I should probably look to make the move to a more modern, and supported, platform at some point.

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