Lync 2013 Functionality Demos

A run through of some of the functionalities within Microsoft Lync 2013.

Microsoft Lync is such an interesting product - and yet it’s quite misunderstood by a lot of people. Is it an Instant Messaging system that can make a phone calls, or a Phone System from Microsoft etc? I find it a curiosity that there’s so much interest in the product set out there, and yet little clarity about what the overall platform can deliver, and more importantly,
what it fixes for businesses?

Anyway, I won’t be running in to all those sort of things today, but what I have done is a number of brief videos running through some of the major functions and features of the platform - shared below.

Obviously they don’t cover all the features, and certainly not the IT orientated ones, but I think the major points are in there….and they do demonstrate that the platform is just SO easy to use…of course that ease of use then really drives adoption doesn’t it?

Lync 2013 - Presence Management

Lync 2013 - Instant Messaging

Lync 2013 - Voice & Video Calling

Lync 2013 - Scheduled Conferencing

Lync 2013 - Anonymous User Experience

Lync 2013 and OneNote Integration

Lync 2013 - Bringing it All Together

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