Jawbone Jambox - Portable Music

What do I think of it?

I picked up a
Jawbone Jambox recently, as I liked the idea of having decent music when I’m staying away from home or traveling. It’s not the cheapest of Bluetooth streaming speakers out there, but I’d heard good things about it - and I wanted to quality. I’d rather have no music at all than crappy quality.

What is it? Well, a quick summary is that it’s a battery powered small, relatively powerful, speaker system that you can stream music to using Bluetooth or an in-built line-in connection. You can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker-phone too, although I wasn’t that interested in that bit.

It looks quite cool I think, certainly in the diamond colour (It’s black). It feels quite weighty (about 300g at a guess) and feels like a quality product. It weirdly reminds me of what I expected the
Monolith in 2001 Space Odyssey to look like. Comes with a USB charger lead, power plug so you can charge from the mains, and a line-in cable.

Set up and pairing is a doddle - it’s the same as any other Bluetooth device really.

The carry-case they provide is an interesting one! Folds flat, and feels like a quality product. As with any other ‘carry bag’ I’m sure this one will end up in the back of a draw somewhere however!

Anyways, didn’t intend on writing a full review. Is it any good? Does it work with an iPhone/iPad? Is the music volume & quality good? Would I recommend it?

Is it any good?
I think it’s pretty cool for what it does. The batterylife seems excellent - outlasts my iPhone 5 anyways.

Does it work with an iPhone/iPad?
Yes it does - simple to set up too. Also works well with my Macbook Pro.

Is the music volume & quality good?
It’s certainly better than I expected. Don’t expect to run a party with it though - it’s great for listening to music in hotel rooms/home for example, but it won’t replace my proper sound system.

Would I recommend it?
If you travel and want quality music wherever you are - then yes, I absolutely would. Bit pricey though - about GBP130 retail I think?

Video here shows a very quick run through:

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