GoPro Hero 5 & GPS Overlays

How do you include GPS overlays on GoPro Videos?

I recently picked up a GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition. I’ve got a couple of Hero 4 units already, however one particular feature of the 5 interested me - the GPS feature.

Essentially the Hero 5 can record your GPS data and - using their software - overlay it on to the video feed. You can have a look at a brief demo at the video below.

Now, that’s all well and good, but I will say this - it’s not anything like as intuitive as you’d imagine.

You have to create lots of small 15,30 or 60 second clips in the Quik App. Which is fine - it’s just not obvious. You can also create one ‘edit’ of a whole GoPro file - you can only do one at a time however, and each one can take 30-45 minutes to process, even on a fairly powerful laptop.

Anyway, I’m hoping someone is going to tell me I’m doing it wrong! Video below shows a run through of the process that I’ve worked out.

Would appreciate any feedback.

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