VMWare Fusion 6 & Parallels Desktop 9 Benchmarks

Some benchmark comparisons between Parallels Desktop 9 and VMWare Fusion 6.

Following up on some of my recent articles about the launch of
Parallels Desktop 9.0, and VMWare Fusion 6, I thought it would be useful to do some side by side benchmark comparisons. I’ve run the PCMark 7 benchmarks on both platforms against a machine with the following resources allocated:

  • 4 Cores (8 showing as hyper-threading)
  • 4Gb RAM
  • Hard Disk stored on a SATA-3 SSD

The PCMark 7 results for both are shown below -
Parallels on the Left, VMWare Fusion on the right - click on the image for a larger version.


As you can see, Parallels Desktop 9 has a very slight advantage over Fusion - but in the scheme of things they’re so close as for the difference to be negligible.

What is interesting though is the snapshotting process - it seems to be far slower on Fusion than the same operation on Parallels? Taking a snapshot for example on my clean Windows 8 machine takes about
four minutes compared to seconds on Parallels - what’s that about?

Anyways, the video below shows a run through of the benchmarks and associated performance options.

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