Exchange ECP redirecting to OWA

How to resolve the Exchange Control Panel automatically redirecting to OWA.


You know sometimes when you start looking at problems that just be so
obvious and yet they take you a while to resolve - and the answer is blooming obvious? Yeah, that.

A colleague contacted me today with issues accessing ECP in Exchange 2013 - he was saying it just redirected him to OWA, and not the control panel. Could I simulate this behaviour? Oh no. Every single time it worked for me.

Anyways, we finally set up a screen share and something obvious stuck out - he wasn’t putting the trailing ‘/‘ in the address. By way of example:

What I was doing - Worked:


What he was doing - redirected to OWA

https://exch2013.contoso.local/ecp <- Note no trailing /

Infuriating hey?

So there’s your answer - make sure you include the trailing ‘/‘ when accessing the ECP.

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