Can't download OSX Mavericks from the App Store?

So they’ve released another GM of Mavericks - can’t download it from the App Store? Here’s why.

I see they’ve released another GM for OSX Mavericks - available to developers. The new one is build number 13A603, with the old one being 13A958.

If you’ve already installed 13A958 you’ll want to download the new one right? Here’s the thing, it’s not appearing in the App Store updates, and if you try and download from the app store you get a stupid unavailable error.

So how do you get it? Well fortunately the stupid unavailable error is easy to fix - but it’s an odd one. Essentially if you have a copy of the Mavericks installer
anywhere on your system it won’t download. I’ve an external drive with all my tech store stuff stored on it - in there is a copy of most of the Dev Preview & the GM. With that drive connected, I can’t download the updated version.

Eject the drive - so I no longer have
any Mavericks installer available on my system - and it downloads just fine.

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