DockPhone for Yosemite

Great new app that allows dialling numbers direct from the Dock. Brill.

Something else to add to my ‘
Utilities I couldn’t live without’ - Dockphone.

The Handoff features of OS X Yosemite are pretty cool - picking up tasks on different devices, including taking phone calls on your laptop/iMac. One thing that’s always been a bit of a challenge though - well I think anyway - is actually
making a phone call. You have do drive it through the Facetime app for example, not very intuitive. Almost like they’ve accidentally forgotten to make it usable.

Anyway, Dockphone fixes that. Great little app that sits in your dock - you can search your contacts, enter numbers etc. And then it’ll use Handoff to make the phone call on your laptop/iMac but via your mobile.

Brilliant - makes it 10 times more useful in my opinion.

Why don’t you just use your phone? Of course that’s perfectly viable! Personally, I tend to always have a headset on my laptop anyway for Skype, Lync and Video calls - so being able to use it for calls in/out though my mobile is an added bonus.

Anyways, it’s very cool.
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