Angel Eyes Update - BMW E92

Upgrading of the BMW Angel Eyes.

I’ve been recently taking more & more of a dislike the yellow-look running lights on my 3 Series BMW….to the point I think it’s been spoiling the overall look of the car. So, what do you do when this happens? Well the old me would have not seen anything about the car other than the annoyances…and bought a new car. Not the new me though, oh no, the new me
thinks about things, and fixes such problems*.

So, off I trot and have a look around for some light upgrades - and I find these:

MTEC H8 6W Cree LED BMW Angel Eye Bulbs E82 E87 1 Series 2008 ~ Current

They appeared to be the newer ‘white’ light type, rather than the older yellow glow - so I thought I’d try them out. Tracked some down on eBay for 140 quid - turned up quickly enough too.

Firstly, let’s look at the ‘yellow’ running lights I’m talking about - I admit they’re a bit hard to see as the pic was taken during daylight:


Next, let’s look at the white-light versions that I much prefer:


Far nicer I think. It’s even clearer if I put them next to each other:


Well I think they’re better anyway! This one is obviously NOT my car - I haven’t changed it’s colour:


The below one is my car. You can tell by the stupid colour and the look of ‘I’m going to bankrupt you in fuel bills’.


What about fitting?
Fitting the lights is easy - takes about 10-15 minutes. Note that it IS a bit fiddly however, so make sure you’re patient while you do it, otherwise you’ll end up giving yourself the rage and breaking something. You don’t need any special tools other than maybe a flat screw-driver to pop off the headlight covers.

To pop the original bulbs out, gently twist it clock-wise - you should feel it ‘unlock’. You can then pop off the cables.

Putting the new lights in
is fiddly. You really need the hands of a five year old to be able to get your hands in and pop the bulb in. What I found was easier was holding the barrel of the bulb between two fingers and backing it in to the housing - once it’s actually slotted in to the hole for the bulb it’s just a matter of turning it anti-clockwise until you feel it click in to place.

The video below runs through the process of replacing them. I personally think it looks far cleaner. You can see the
hi-def version directly here.

* I can’t afford a new car.
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