How to identify Enterprise Voice Users in Lync

Blog detailing how you can report/identify Enterprise Voice users within Microsoft Lync.

A quick and simple one today. I’ve been asked a few times over the last week how to count up and identify the Enterprise Voice users within a Lync topology. My guess is this is driven from people now looking at a move to Lync 2013, as that is now out and in circulation.

Anyways, it’s very easy to do - you can do it with the PowerShell command
Get-csuser. If you want to count how many Enterprise Voice users you have, use this command (Note the commands below may be wrapped by your browser - they are to be entered on a single line):

(get-csuser -OnLyncServer -Filter {EnterpriseVoiceEnabled -eq $true}).count

You can look at
this article to see the full explanation of the parameters above, and adjust accordingly for exactly what you want.

What about if you want to see who your Enterprise Voice users are? Again, it’s very easy with some adjustment of the get-csuser command. You can use something like this:

get-csuser -Filter {EnterpriseVoiceEnabled -eq $True}|format-table -Property DisplayName, SIPAddress, LineURI

The above will list all of your Enterprise Voice users, their Display Names, associated SIP addresses and their assigned Line URI.

Very handy commands, and very flexible.
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