HyperTerminal on Windows Vista/7/8/Server

Do you ever miss HyperTerminal when you’re on a later Windows edition? If so, you should find this article interesting.

Updated Article
I’ve updated the download links in the below. Also, in answer to some of your feedback, yes I’m aware there’s other terminal programs available - I just happen to like HyperTerminal!

Original Article
One of the annoyances I come across from day to day is being stuck in a server room trying to connect over serial to a Cisco router of some sort - from a laptop that doesn’t have a serial port. I know I should just go buy a USB serial adapter - but here’s the thing... I always forget. I get the rage cos I don’t have one, manage to get around the issue, and then forget.

Now, often in the same server room there’s multiple servers, typically now running Windows 2008. Or of course there’s the odd Vista/Windows 7.0 machine kicking about. The problem is with those is that you no longer get Hyperterminal installed with the build - so you still are no better off.

You can copy the Hypertrm.dll & Hypertrm.exe from Windows XP to a directory and run it from there, that seems to work on about 75% of machines I’ve tried it on. Like I say, it can get you out of a hole. Click here to download the
Hyperterminal components from WinXP.

There’s a few other downloadable options such as
Tera Term, or one of the clients from Absolute.

Now, I’m off to buy a USB Serial adapter. Honest.
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