Samsung 840 Series SSD in a Macbook Pro

Quick early day review of the performance of the Samsung 840 500Gb SSD.

As you can see
from my earlier blog, I’ve upgraded the SSD in my Macbook Pro from a Crucial M4 256 Gb, to a Samsung 840 Series 500Gb unit. As I said earlier, it was mainly to get more fast storage, than it was to get faster storage if that makes sense.

Anyway, transition from the old drive to the new was a doodle - again you can see that in the previous blog entry. I thought it would be worth having a quick look at the performance.

Firstly, let’s look at the XBench stats for the original Crucial M4 SSD. The Cruical SSD is on the right, and - for fun and giggles - the stats from the 750Gb spiny-drive that’s also in my Macbook Pro are on the left - Click on the image for a larger version.


Also, for comparison purposes, here’s what BlackMagic’s Disk Speed Test gives for the Crucial unit:


The Crucial M4 is a fast, capable and (for me) reliable drive. I could never go back to using a machine with a physical spinning drive for OS & Apps, the performance just feels terrible.

What about the Samsung unit? Well, that again gets even higher stats in Xbench:


As a side note, I’m also right now compiling some video for YouTube so I’d actually expect the above to be a little faster. Either way, it shows a fairly reasonable uplift in performance doesn’t it? Also, here’s the figures from the same speed-test app:


So a fairly significant jump from the M4 in both write and read speeds.

So far the unit is proving very fast. Is it noticeably faster than the M4? Not really…not yet. I may start to feel it though once all my demo system Virtual Machines are up and running though.

Here’s a video showing how the machine performs -
click here to see it directly in HD on YouTube.

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