Oh Mer Gawd 2018 Macbook Pro (Apple)

Another day, another Apple controversy.

2018-08-02 Brief update - I've added a video clip at the bottom showing the 2018 i9 MacBook Pro against the 2017 iMac Pro 10 Core/64Gb RAM unit).

iMac completes it in 4 min 43 seconds, 2018 i9 MacBook Pro 9 Minutes 33 seconds.



Anybody with any interest in tech can't fail to have noticed all the noise around the recent update to the Apple MacBook Pro range - in particular around thermal throttling and the performance of the units. To be fair to Apple, they responded quickly ( surprisingly so… ) and the patches they published did seem to make a significant difference.

I'm not particularly in to the 'OMG it wouldn't have happened under Steve Jobs' thing, but I can't help thinking this wouldn't have happened under…//slaps myself. It does however seem that Apple's quality control is struggling a bit doesn't it? Let's think, there was the ridiculous
High Sierra Security Bug, the throttling issue, T2 kernel panics (work in progress), iPhone throttling, and of course the issue around the failing keyboards.

As a quick side-note, if you're interested in the repairability side of Apple kit, you could do worse than to subscribe to Louis Rossmann's channel
over on YouTube. It's fair to say he's not a fan of Apple's attitude to repairability! Quite reasonably so from what I've seen.

I'm not going to bang on about the throttling, however I thought I would look at the performance of the 2018 unit and compare it to my older ones, and just for the laughs to the Surface Book 2 I also have. You can see the results in the video below - spoilers: The i9 is faster than all of them, who knew.

I should also do a comparison against my iMac Pro but I can't at the minute as Apple is busy swapping it for another one. More on that in a later blog, once I have an outcome.

So, quick summary. Do I like the 2018 unit? Is it a big step up from the 2017? Do I have any concerns? Well:

Yes. It's fast.
Yes. The 32Gb upgrade is going to help me a lot. In some instances I've had to carry two laptops to achieve some things (admittedly an unusual use case), but I won't have to do that any more.
Concerns? Wow it runs
hot. That makes me wonder about reliability. But. We shall see.

Anyway, the video is below should you be interested. You can see the information on the 2017 unit here:
2017 Kaby Lake MacBook Pro.

Comparison with the 2017 iMac Pro:

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