Reporting on User Configurations in Lync 2010

Blog outlining how you can report on your users of Lync 2010.

Well the requests for info on how to report on users etc. for Lync 2010 seem to be coming in thick and fast over the last week. I wrote an article earlier on how to
identify Enterprise Voice users in your topology for example.

Of course quickly following that was ‘What about RCC users?’, or ‘What about ’.

Rather than answer each individual requirement I thought I’d write up how you can export relevant user information & data to CSV so you can manipulate to your hearts content within Excel.

It’s very easy to do - and very powerful due to its dependency on PowerShell. It’s all to do with piping the output of
Get-CSUser to other commands in order to get your data.

For example - how do you export all of the output from Get-CSUser to a CSV file? Well, the easiest way is this:

get-csuser|Export-CSV -Path Users.csv

That will export all of your user information from Get-CSUser in to a CSV file - you can then import that into Excel to sort & play with as you wish. By the way, watch out for the headers on that exported file. Line 1 contains:

#TYPE Microsoft.Rtc.Management.ADConnect.Schema.OCSADUser

This seems to confuse the CSV importer on Excel 2011 on my Mac - delete the line and it works just fine. All of headers for the CSV are maintained on line 2 of the exported file.

So, what about if you’re just interested in a more limited set of information? Let’s say for example:

A users:
> Display Name
> Their LineURI
> Their SIP Address

How would you export that little lot into a CSV? Again, it’s quite straight forward with PowerShell (I love PowerShell - can you tell?). You would use a command similar to this:

get-csuser|Select-Object DisplayName,LineURI,sipAddress|Export-Csv -Path Users.csv

In the ‘Select-Object’ component you can include any of the fields available to the Lync Shell - if you want, run the full export and have a look at the headers output to give you guide on what you can export.

Once you have the data in to Excel it’s very easy to sort and work with.
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