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I'm an experienced Technical Architect working out of the South-East of the UK. I've worked all over the world including Europe, the USA, and several sites across Australasia. I've hit buttons on systems with over 400,000 users on them. That made me a bit nervous. I have in excess of 25 years experience in the technology infrastructure delivery sector. I started out deploying and supporting Novell Netware, but then moved into networking and Microsoft products once that become prudent. I was fortunate enough to be given very flattering, awesome opportunities by amazing people over the years, and I hope I repaid them in hard work and some gratitude. In the last several years I've been working in the Unified Communications sector.


I'm passionate about technology - both corporate and consumer. I believe it has added significantly to my story, and I believe that story is really only at the beginning. I love talking about technology, and have been a guest speaker at several events, and on multiple continents. The first time I got on stage at Microsoft in Seattle I had to pinch myself - my love of technology and what it can do for people had people listening to me. My mind was completely blown. I also love to travel - and I treat travel as an experience, not as a destination. That want to travel, to experience, has taken me to so many very cool places, and with very cool people, while also sometimes being quite scary. Think we may be able to work together? Please get in touch and let's see what we can make happen!


I'm a strong believer in people, and I have a want to bring everyone up together for us all to get somewhere better. I'm not sure I've gotten that right yet, but it's something I constantly work on. You can read my blogs, or engage on YouTube…. if you want to get more insight into … well, me.


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