Epic Times

Epic times are EPIC.

I don’t often do indulgent posts*, so bear with me. Now and again you have a little period of time that while at the time are completely and utterly exhausting...when you look back you realise they’re completely and brilliantly EPIC.

I’ve just had two or three weeks of that. I sit here completely tired - but in a really good way.

Technology - you just have to love it. RIGHT? I do, I always have. In fact I now make a living out of it. Anyone who follows any of my stuff knows that I’m all over new tech, new ways of doing things, and pretty much anything shiny. I’ve even been known to try and carry on using stuff beyond what’s reasonable, just because I like the
idea of it rather than its execution. It doesn’t usually last that long though....I like my technology to have a point usually.

You take a love of technology, and add in a love of socialising and meeting cool, smart people...then wow, sometimes I have to remind myself how lucky I am to be around. Social networks such as Twitter etc. give me access to people - smart people - who previously were out of bounds. I’ve learned so much from them over the years - and all through social networking of one type or another.

I suppose in some respects that’s why I get so excited by Unified Comms type technologies as it brings all the things together that I like so much. People and technology. It really does change the way people interact for both work & play. For start, it keeps me in touch with friends all over the world, and makes people that I would miss so much, part of my daily routine.

This brings me to my first bit of EPIC I guess...I’ve been accepted as Microsoft Lync vTSP. What’s that I hear you not think about...Well it’s this:

The Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist Program (VTSP) is a select group chosen from the elite in Microsoft’s partner community, whose focus is to augment Microsoft’s internal Technology Specialist team. Their primary role is to communicate the value of Microsoft Solutions to customers and to provide architectural guidance for Enterprise Integration solutions. The Microsoft VTSP program was designed to create a deeper relationship with Microsoft Partners, the Product Teams at Microsoft Corporate, and Regional Microsoft Offices, in order to provide highly skilled solution specialists to Microsoft customers. It is designed to enable a high performance team of partner-based resources to deliver pre-sale activities and resources to empower customers and help them meet their solution and integration needs.

I’m pleased with it anyway! It gives me a chance to work with highly skilled, highly motivated, and (here’s that word again) epic people. I can’t wait to get started! The flip side of course is that it’s very flattering to be selected. I like to think that some of my enthusiasm for what I do was one of the reasons.

It’s a fantastic time to be in to technology. Competition breeds innovation, and innovation breeds awesome. Watching Microsoft go head to head with Cisco in the UC space is something I love being involved in. I know which side my allegiances lay on that front even having come from a Cisco background back in the day. I like the Microsoft engaging and
can do way.

It’s the same in the mobile markets - things are changing oh so quickly, with every vendor trying to introduce The Cool at a fantastic rate.

As a side note, it’s also been my birthday week. On the social front I made a real effort this year to get around to see all the people that are important to me and my life. To say
thanks for all the fish etc. and, from a selfish perspective, to get to see more of the people who constantly make my life better than it would be without them. Don’t panic if I haven’t got to you yet - I will. All I can say on that front is ‘brace yourself’.

Another thing that’s added to my smileyness is finally seeing my daughter so, so happy. I won’t go into why but she’s had a bit of a tough time of it of late..and now she’s back to being the happy, smiley kid that I know and love so much.

So, back to where I started. Now and again you have a little period of time that while at the time are completely and utterly exhausting...when you look back you realise they’re completely and brilliantly EPIC. Utterly this, with bells on.

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