Easy Log Files

I often produce log files when I'm working through stuff, mainly to ensure that I know exactly what's been done, and when. Guess what - there is an awesome easy way to do this with Notepad. Let's have a look how.
Producing log files with a time/date stamp in the them is a great way to track progress through complicated tasks. Previously I've been using shortcuts with TextExpander to add date/time to Text Files - it expands my shortcut. It surprised me to learn that Notepad can do this natively. What am I talking about?

Well, open Notepad, and on the first line just enter '.LOG':


Save it somewhere convenient, and then close it. Now look what happens when you open it:


That's pretty cool and quite useful. The more times you open it, the more it adds the time & date:


I approve of this quite a lot.

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